Saturday, October 22, 2011

Absolute Absoluteness: No. 1022

Nothing is more important than Truth--not relative truth; Absolute Truth, the Truth that gives answers to those who are ready to receive them. That is, Truth will be made manifest only when you have properly prepared yourself for Its reception. That means sloughing off useless "skin" that can only act as a barrier to perception; it means being honest with your self: deconstructing the aggregate personality-form thst you cherish as "you." All the nonsense, the grafted-on ludicrous lies and absurd assumptions, the hip-cool lingo youve learned from all the other morphs, and the machinations of your attention-seeking ego:--all these aspects must be scrubbed away and allowed to splurk down the drain into the cesspool-system of useless, abandoned foolishnesses.
You must be ready to face your worst fear: that you are not who you think you are; that what you consider to be "you" is a vast construct--seemingly made of reinforced steel, but actually composed of flimsy matchsticks. If you desire the Absolute, nay, if you have come to realize you NEED the Truth, the Absolute qua Absolute Truth, then prepare for sacrifice and suffering. You will lose friends; you might be ostrasized. You could feel "alone in the world," and you might even panic some. Not to worry: the gain, the outcome, is more than worth the price of admission.   And there is more.